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Premium Herb Trader, or PHT was founded in 2013 in the beautiful Brazilian rainforest, and is now headquartered in Las Vegas, NV with operations across the country. From its inception, PHT was established to be THE Premier Value Added Distributor of Organic products, herbs, and supplements in the US.

We are proud to say that we carry the finest, freshest, premium organic herbs, natural supplements and supply them to our wholesale customers around the world. This includes a large selection of bulk herbs, spices, essential oils, fruit powders, nuts, butters and teas from many different countries, where we have local representation. We also have exclusivity on several product offerings with the majority of our suppliers and growers.

We are continually adding new products, companies  and alliances into our Eco-System, allowing us to have one of the most complete and complementary portfolios of Organic products and supplements in the US.



We have all the best herbs, CBD,

freeze-dried fruits and other natural ingredients ready to ship to you. We obtain our products  from all over the WORLD in addition to specialized ingredients specific to Latin America, North America and Asia. We source our products from the most conscious growers and suppliers on the planet.



We travel deep...

...so you don't have to. At Premium Herb Trader we search out the freshest ingredients on the planet and stock it all for you. Everybody should have access to organic products that support healthy living and the global community that  uses them for their amazing benefits.  PREMIUM Growers and Suppliers is what were all about!



From our warehouse...

...directly to your doors. We can quickly ship anywhere in the world, getting you all of your premium herbal ingredients in quickly and safely. Ask about our Quick Ship program, and how it can save you time and money. PHT makes the entire process FAST and EASY. Click below to find out how we can help you.







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