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Premium Herb Trader was founded in 2013, and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV with operations across the country. From its inception, PHT was established to be the first Value Added Distributor of Organic products, herbs, and supplements in the US.

We are proud to say that we carry the finest, freshest, premium organic herbs, natural supplements and supply them to our wholesale customers around the world. This includes a large selection of bulk herbs, spices, essential oils, fruit powders, nuts, butters and teas from many different countries, where we have local representation. We also have exclusivity on several product offerings with the majority of our suppliers and growers.

PHT has the fastest growth in terms of transactions in the market, making us the preeminent Distributor in the US. We are continually adding new companies, products and alliances into our Eco-System, allowing us to have one of the most complete and complementary portfolios of Organic products and supplements in the US.

In addition, PHT Distribution system is focused on improving asset performance, specifically inventory management and order fill rate. This makes it easier for our clients to get the right products into their customers’ hands in the shortest amount of time.

We recently implemented technology to improve all processes, manage and track our customer expectations, improve customer service, forecast and manage inventory requirements which also integrates with our customer operations.

Our business model consistsof the following principles of operation

Most Cost Effective

A relentless effort to improve the cost structure of the operations of the business and manage the costs of doing business.

Quality control and reliability

Quality control is built into the processes to mitigate errors and mistakes.

Add a title or tagline

As an added value distributor, we are always working with our customers and their customers to define their needs and develop value-added services and products to meet those needs. The intent is to be an added-value extension of the customer’s and supply chain operations.

Technology enablement

The use of technology is fully integrated with all customers, managing customer orders and managing inventory enabling streamlined business processes across the enterprise and providing visibility of performance and management reporting.

Measurement of performance

Performance measurements designed and implemented to measure customer service, line-item-fill rates, order complete performance, order lead time to fill and invoice deductions as well as other relevant performances with the customer.

Ease of doing business

Our goal is to ensure that every point of contact and process involving the customer is designed to facilitate freedom from any difficulty as perceived by the customer.

MarketPlace Distribution

We carried a complete online platform owned and operated PHT that enables our worldwide suppliers to sell their products direct to their customer´s doors.

Customer profitability

Focus on the profitability generated by our customer rather than the product profitability of each product sold to their customer individually.

Are you planning to sell your products in the US market?

…and have no idea how to proceed?

Premium Herb Trader can help you.

Here´s how…

Around the globe, by collaborating with our vendors and customers in a unique engagement model, Premium Herb Trader is revolutionizing the way to do business in the US, by delivering our products together in the fastest, cheapest and collaborative way.