In a fast growth markets, our strategic partners can easily access and leverage PHT distribution network to sell their products into the US domestic market, positioning their products directly to retailers.

Our conceptual and successful distribution model is attractive to both established and emerging organic and supplements products. It allows established products and brands to significantly reduce their distribution costs by replacing the larger traditional margins costs with PHT low and fast case fee and pass-through delivery charges. It enables emerging products and brands to enter new markets quickly and inexpensively and demonstrate initial market traction (i.e., a test market campaign) before moving on to a traditional distributor. Product owners also utilize Premium Herb Trader distribution capabilities to sell additional products not supported by their traditional distributor (i.e., supplementary distribution).

PHT is proud to provide for our Strategic partners with a complete solution, including but not limited to:

Back-Office Solutions (including regulatory compliance). 

Logistics, national importing, distribution, warehousing.

Order-fulfillment, accounting, customer service.

Advisory Services, including business building, route-to-market planning, organizational effectiveness, strategic partnerships, joint ventures, negotiation support, and more;

Working Capital Solutions, including accounts receivable financing (factoring), revolving credit facilities, term loans secured by accounts receivables and other assets, guarantees, and letters of credit.

Turn-key solution across its specialty areas, all within the context of exceptional professional service delivery.

Market Place Strategy: Having a strong online presence is crucial to doing business in the world today. Premium Herb Trader has the knowledge and support staff to get you and your brand on the web and in front of your US customers. We understand what it takes to market your brand online, helping your business gain exposure, and creating a new line of sales and revenue for the business in the process.


Premium Herb Trader was founded in 2013, and is headquartered in Las Vegas, NV with operations across the country. From its inception, PHT was established to be the first Value Added Distributor of Organic products, herbs, and supplements in the US.

We are proud to say that we carry the finest, freshest, premium organic herbs, natural supplements and supply them to our wholesale customers around the world. This includes a large selection of bulk herbs, spices, essential oils, fruit powders, nuts, butters and teas from many different countries, where we have local representation. We also have exclusivity on several product offerings with the majority of our suppliers and growers.

PHT has the fastest growth in terms of transactions in the market, making us the preeminent Distributor in the US. We are continually adding new companies, products and alliances into our Eco-System, allowing us to have one of the most complete and complementary portfolios of Organic products and supplements in the US.

In addition, PHT Distribution system is focused on improving asset performance, specifically inventory management and order fill rate. This makes it easier for our clients to get the right products into their customers’ hands in the shortest amount of time.

We recently implemented technology to improve all processes, manage and track our customer expectations, improve customer service, forecast and manage inventory requirements which also integrates with our customer operations.

Now, let’s get started delivering results together!